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Exceptional Results Require Exceptional People

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Growth is Exciting. It’s Energizing.

We believe in growth — of people and of businesses. The companies we work with seek a trusted partner they can count on for expert digital marketing and sales strategy, tactics and coaching. The people we hire for our team are hungry to learn, driven to grow and empowered to thrive.

Why Work at Gumchak?

We are a skilled and cohesive group of professionals comprising designers, writers, marketers, web developers, video producers, and branding experts. Together, we form a close-knit team of creative individuals dedicated to solving problems and guiding brands and businesses to achieve prominence in the market. Our team is characterized by our unwavering determination, fervent passion, diligent work ethic, and enjoyable approach to our work. We are actively shaping the trajectory of marketing, branding, and advertising, and are committed to shaping a promising future in these fields.

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Shaping our Culture

Our values form the foundation of our agency's culture and are integral to our vision. They define our identity and guide our actions, playing a crucial role in all our decision-making processes.


We embrace and support audacious and daring ideas. By pushing boundaries and taking calculated risks, we continuously learn and grow.


We possess a relentless drive to excel and achieve greatness. With ambition and hard work, we are determined to accomplish remarkable feats.


We are swift in finding optimal solutions, making informed decisions, and taking decisive action. With an innovative mindset, we remain open to possibilities and constantly seek improvements.


We foster a constant thirst for knowledge and exploration, actively seeking new opportunities to expand our skills and experiences. Both as individuals and as a team, we strive for mastery.


We deeply value and prioritize the well-being of our clients, colleagues, partners, community, and ourselves. Everyone is treated with respect, receiving attention, encouragement, gratitude, and support, as we believe that each individual matters.

Join Forces with an Empowered Team, Forge Lasting Connections.

Embark on a journey where your talents become catalysts for change. Join our team, who values collaboration, effective communication, and unwavering support. Together, we create extraordinary work that leaves a lasting impact.

Are you the right fit? We seek team members who are:

Exceptional written and verbal communicators

Flexible with priorities

Enjoy a fast-paced environment

Adapt easily and embrace change

Passionate learners (sponges!)

Highly organized and value attention to detail

A bit competitive

And fun! We love humor and bad jokes (never a dull moment here)


We primarily handle our work internally, but occasionally we require exceptional freelance professionals to assist our film and animation departments. This includes freelance crew members, talented individuals, and skilled animators. If you possess outstanding skills and your work is of top quality or has received recognition, we welcome you to reach out and introduce yourself. We would be delighted to receive your message and learn more about you.

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Enhance Your Skills, Expand Your Knowledge, and Boost Your Confidence

Gumchak offers internships and work experience since we constantly look for fresh and dynamic talent. We invite you to contact us if you're passionate about video creation and want to work for a top firm. By reaching out, you may learn more about these opportunities and develop your abilities in a supportive atmosphere.

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Onboarding Process

On your first day with our team, you will receive a 120-day onboarding plan which will be personalized based on your position and skills. You will be designated a mentor and growth coach who will guide you through your training and assist you in developing SMART goals for the future. There are established procedures to guide you through your duties. You will not be left alone to sort it out!

Career Opportunities

As our client demands expand, we are actively seeking talented individuals to join our team. Although we may not currently have open positions that align with your interests, we warmly welcome applications at any time. Our diverse range of positions includes:

Current Openings

Sales Executive
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“What we love most about animation is, it’s a team sport, and everything we do is about pure imagination.”